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Cheers Elephant - Man is Nature (2011)

Image of Cheers Elephant - Man is Nature (2011)


Man is Nature (2011)

Produced by Todd Mecaughey of The New Connection at Cambridge Studios, Cheers Elephant’s second studio release will feature such crowd favorites as Como es la Vida, 6th and Girard, and Shark Attack in a warm, hi-fi setting. The album plays with the ears by taunting British Invasion-esque harmonies, Progressive Rock interludes, and a frequent overtone of absurdity that shouldn’t make sense, but does.

Released January 8th, 2011
Produced and mastered by Todd Mecaughey

1. 6th and Girard
2. A Pocket Full of Change
3. My Bicycle Ride
4. Shark Attack
5. ¿Como es la Vida?
6. Einstein's Noggin
7. Jumbo Shrimp
8. California
9. Comment Allez-Vous
10. Captain Crowninshield
11. Wasted Time
12. Slide Jelly

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